What is Communication Management?

what is communication management

Scientific and applied literature offer extensive definitions of communication management. Oftentimes these definitions embrace an integrated approach which suggests that a fusion of various communication-related disciplines within a company fall under the responsibility of one team and its manager.

Communication management is defined as a systematic planning and realization of information flow, communication, media development and image-care in a long-term horizon. – P. S. Tripathi, Communication Management

So what is communication management in this new world of integrated disciplines? Internal and corporate communication, marketing, public relations and branding – how do these parts interact with each other to give us more than the sum of their individual contributions?

For me, this alignment of communication disciplines also implies an opportunity to mix and match, to redistribute discipline-bound corporate communication objectives into free-form clusters.

This clustering can be helpful in practical, day-to-day communication management. It serves as a reminder of the intrinsic role corporate communication plays in the life of a company – expressed in actionable concepts, rather than outputs.

One for all

The communication department is pretty much useless on its own. It exists to support the life of the organization as a whole and also of its various bits and bobs. There is a downside to this: it can be difficult for communication managers to prove their worth in tangible terms.

On the positive side – and that’s exactly how I see it – communication is a great problem solver. By positioning themselves correctly and by making themselves useful to the top management and various departments, communicators are able to multiply the value of all sorts of organizational efforts.

Being indispensable, in more conventional terms, is a mix of various internal and corporate communication, as well as stakeholder management objectives.

I spy, I spy

Gathering and interpreting intelligence is an essential objective of inspiring communication management. Through research and analysis, we are able to pinpoint the right solution for a whole range of issues. The James Bond in us comes in handy whenever the organization is going through a crisis or change, pursues a branding strategy or a product launch and much more.

Loud and clear

What is communication management without being able to formulate and disperse important organizational messages? We do this a lot in the context of internal and corporate communication; it is also an important component of public relations activities.

Frontline defense

Should an issue or a crisis occur, communication will be there to take the first blow. If communication is managed appropriately, the damage can be softened, diffused or even solved. This crisis communication concept rests on effective stakeholder management, timely internal communication and intelligent PR.

Dress to impress

The woman in me loves all things branding. From visual and linguistic identity to brand values, promises and benefits, dressing a company is one of the most creative and enjoyable aspects of communication. Post-development stage is just as exciting – communicating the brand internally and externally requires a great interdisciplinary effort!

Zhenya StarkovaWhat is Communication Management?

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