Writing for the Internet: The Shallow Shores of a Very Deep Ocean


Writing for the internet is one of the most valued skills of a communication professional. We use it daily – at work, while blogging or when we post on social media. Producing web-friendly copy has also become a business, and with that, it has to a large degree become formalized, templated and, frankly speaking, boring. The size and the complexity … Read More

Zhenya StarkovaWriting for the Internet: The Shallow Shores of a Very Deep Ocean

Communicator’s Crisis: When There Is No Buy-in

I have not written anything on this blog for months, taking a good amount time to redefine myself within the communication profession. It has been a very strange experience as the usual enemy causing the communication crisis didn’t appear in the form of an exceptionally difficult stakeholder or bad publicity. Instead, here I was, full of doubts whether my approach … Read More

Zhenya StarkovaCommunicator’s Crisis: When There Is No Buy-in

Branding Is Dead: Long Live the Corporate Story!

Richard Coope at Radley Yalder's "Connected Storyteling" event.

What we know as brand management is being replaced by a much more dynamic field where the ability to maintain a coherent and enticing corporate story is taking centre stage. Although closely related, branding and storytelling have so many things that set them apart. The corporate story is growing up to be rather different from its parent – branding – … Read More

Zhenya StarkovaBranding Is Dead: Long Live the Corporate Story!

What is Communication Management?

what is communication management

Scientific and applied literature offer extensive definitions of communication management. Oftentimes these definitions embrace an integrated approach which suggests that a fusion of various communication-related disciplines within a company fall under the responsibility of one team and its manager. Communication management is defined as a systematic planning and realization of information flow, communication, media development and image-care in a long-term … Read More

Zhenya StarkovaWhat is Communication Management?

Communication and Change: The Story of 3 Dutch Brands

eacd communication and change

Communication is essential in the time of change – we know that already. This is what we read in all professional literature on the subject, this is what they tell us at school. Nonetheless, this happy marriage of communication and change continues to invite discussion, debates and speculations. That’s the thing about change: it’s usually unpredictable, rarely expected and almost … Read More

Zhenya StarkovaCommunication and Change: The Story of 3 Dutch Brands