Writing for the Internet: The Shallow Shores of a Very Deep Ocean


Writing for the internet is one of the most valued skills of a communication professional. We use it daily – at work, while blogging or when we post on social media. Producing web-friendly copy has also become a business, and with that, it has to a large degree become formalized, templated and, frankly … [Continue reading]

Communicator’s Crisis: When There Is No Buy-in

When there is no buy in

I have not written anything on this blog for months, taking a good amount time to redefine myself within the communication profession. It has been a very strange experience as the usual enemy causing the communication crisis didn't appear in the form … [Continue reading]

Steve Seager: The Traditional Approach to Strategic Communication Is Outdated

Steve Seager on strategic communication

I am passionate about the communication profession – I experience it as a fascinating and meaningful journey which is never monotonous and which keeps me on my toes. Year on year, project by project I continue to shape my professional communication … [Continue reading]

Branding Is Dead: Long Live the Corporate Story!

Richard Coope at Radley Yalder's "Connected Storyteling" event.

What we know as brand management is being replaced by a much more dynamic field where the ability to maintain a coherent and enticing corporate story is taking centre stage. Although closely related, branding and storytelling have so many things … [Continue reading]

Exploring the Role of Communication in Change Management


Ours is a very fluid discipline and its strength is in the ability to adapt and serve the most urgent needs of an organization. It is, therefore, not a surprise that every existing model in the MBA armamentarium discusses the essential role of … [Continue reading]